I am writing to recommend Mike Horn and CTR Construction. We were fortunate to have them complete several jobs for us and we will be having them do additional work for us in the future. I recommend them highly”.
Tom & Jan Calandra
January 20, 2016
Tom & Jan Calandra Sun City AZ
My wife and I retired and relocated CA to Sun City West in May 2015.
After evaluating several contractors, we have since invited CTR Construction to perform several upgrades to our 20-year old home.
The work includes both construction (e.g. constructing new wall, rewiring outlets) and “handyman” (e.g. hanging wall art, replacing ceiling fans, installing porch chandelier) tasks.
The work  continues to be professionally accomplished in a timely manner and at a reasonable price – and the team leader always inspects the final product. We have gotten to know the team members but,  more importantly, we’re enjoying top-notch craftsmanship.
Anticipating a long-term relationship with CTR as we improve the comfort and appearance of our “new” home, we highly recommend CTR and will welcome your inquiries.
Bill Burns
January 13, 2016
Bill BurnsSun City West, AZ

I have dealt with many construction companies that had bonding, insurance, and license and wondered if the system was out to get me. They were incompetent and used materials that saved them money. So when I say CTR Construction is more than a cut above most companies, it is from experience.

    I used them for a small home project that left me feeling like maybe I had found a reputable company. Afterwards, I found I needed a small shed with a good foundation but did not want to pay for a house. I called CTR and explained what I needed. They said it was something they could do. With just a brief description they envisioned exactly what I wanted. They listed the materials and cost in detail. I did have one problem, I needed it done pronto. They were able to work me into the schedule, even though it meant numerous trips that had not been planned on in the quote. When CTR says they will be there and will do that, you can believe them. They used top grade lumber and reinforced the corners because of the shed being in a dust devil lane. Their employees know their job and they have crews that are competent in their expertise. There was no cleanup on my part, not even in my dumpster. It all went back with them, every crumb.
   CTR uses the best people and the best material. They totally stand behind their work and are there for you from your idea to the finished project!
 Edell Wulff
January 2016
Edell WulffWittman, AZ

Hi Steve,

I am writing to you to thank you for the wonderful job you did to make my move into my new home so pleasurable. You completed the work as you said you would and even helped me with a few personal items. Thank you so much for the wonderful new home.
RoseLee (Rosie B.) Sun City, AZ

CTR Construction painted my entire house for an extremely reasonable price. I was very happy with their employees and service. I would recommend them to all of my friends!

Eric Surprise, AZ

Steve, you are awesome!

Thanks so much for your courteous, prompt, and professional work!
Rod C.Anthem, AZ