Golf Cart Garage Addition

A third car Garage can add a lot of value to your home. There is the obvious space of parking your car or golf cart, but you can also use it for additional storage. Don’t let your main Garage become crowded or have your legs and hands get burned as you sit in your Golf Cart because you keep leaving it outside.

If you want to build a garage addition that won’t break the bank, don’t go overboard on creating a showcase car barn. With a little planning, you can add smart, useful details that maximize the benefit you’ll get from a basic garage addition without adding too much to the price tag.

Whether you need more room for a car, a hobby, your golf cart or just need some extra storage space, we cater to your needs. We have built entire garages, both freestanding and attached, added onto garages, finished garages and more.

Imagine, extra room for a motorcycle, ATV, a boat, a trailer, or the entire family’s bicycles. You can always use some extra space. And we will make it match the rest of your home. Checkout these pictures from one of our recent garage additions…

We are available on the west side of Metro Phoenix, including Sun City, Sun City West, Peoria, and Surprise.